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Hotel Excelsior Excelsior酒店

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt January 7th, 2008 2008年1月7日

Although not strictly in Les Praz, I’ve included this as it’s well worth a mention.雖然沒有嚴格在Les praz ,我已經包括了這個,因為它是非常值得一提。 It’s about ten minutes walk away in the village of Les Tines, and has a lovely garden with a swimming pool, which you can use if you go for lunch.它的約10分鐘步行距離在村里的就業輔導組tines ,並有一個可愛的花園與游泳池,你可以用,如果你去吃飯了。 It would be a particularly good place to stay in summer as it’s in a very pretty situation and the garden terrace with the pool looks really gorgeous.這將是一個特別好的住宿地點,在夏季,因為它是在一個非常漂亮的情況,並在花園露台與泳池看起來真漂亮。

Over the last few years, it seems to have made huge improvements in the food.在過去幾年中,它似乎已經取得了巨大的改善,在食品。 The menu sounds delicious, and I have heard very good reports from friends that have eaten there.菜單聽起來好吃,我已經聽到非常好的報告,由朋友說,有吃有。 I’ll try it this summer and report back , purely in the interests of research, you understand!我將嘗試,它今年夏天報到,在純粹的利益研究,你是否明白!

Excelsior website精益求精網站

La Cabane des Praz (the Golf Club restaurant)香格里拉cabane萬praz (高爾夫俱樂部餐廳)

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt November 2nd, 2007 2007年11月2日

(Photographs © La Cabane 2006-7) (照片©香格里拉cabane 2006-2007年)

This restaurant is part of the這家餐廳是部分的 Golf Club高爾夫俱樂部 - there’sa collection of buildings around it including the Hotel Labrador. -有收集的建築物周圍,包括酒店拉布拉多。 A few years ago it burned down, and has now been rebuilt in a very atttactive ‘log cabin’ style - Finlandais as it’s called here.幾年前,它被燒毀,現在已經被改建處於一個非常atttactive '小木屋'風格-f inlandais,因為它的所謂這裡。 I’ve heard good recommendations of the food, so we went to try it out.我聽說過好建議的食物,因此我們去嘗試它。

It’sa lovely building, and even in this low season time, they’d made an effort to decorate it seasonally with autumn leaves and pumpkins - including some enormous pumpkins piled around the outside.這是可愛的建設,即使在這樣的淡季的時候,他們'd作出了努力,以裝飾,它與季節性紅葉和南瓜-包括一些巨大的南瓜,周圍堆放外面。 The interior is very pretty - spacious and warm, and nicely divided up with booths and other seating areas.內部是很漂亮-寬敞溫暖,很好地劃分了攤位及其他座位區。 Decor is modern, upmarket Alpine, and I quite liked the animatronic polar bear which gives a nice hint of frivolity.裝飾是現代的,高檔的高山,而且我很喜歡animatronic北極熊,其中給出了很好的暗示frivolity 。 It’s mercifully free of golfing memorabilia.它的幸運免費高爾夫球紀念品。

We were brought a lovely amuse-bouche of pumpkin soup while looking over the menu, which is in both French and English.我們被帶到一個可愛逗-小食的南瓜湯,而縱觀菜單,這是在這兩個法語和英語。 Some very nice seasonal choices on it (which are helpfully marked out clearly) included a very wide selection of local game.一些非常好的季節選擇上,它(這是有用的標記,清楚列明) ,包括非常廣泛的選擇當地的遊戲。

The standout starter was a beautifully presented small pumpkin filled with truffled pumpkin soup and containing seared scallops, held steady on a mashed potato base and surrounded by rocket.該standout起動器是一個漂亮的小南瓜充滿truffled南瓜湯和遏制seared扇貝,持穩於搗碎的馬鈴薯基地,並被火箭。 This was one of the nicest things I’ve eaten in Chamonix - truly delicious.這是一個最美好的東西,我已經吃了,在chamonix -真正的美味。

My main course was, unfortunately, the wrong dish - some salmon that was a bit uneventful.我的主要過程是,不幸的是,錯誤的菜-一些鮭魚,這是一個有點平淡。 Everyone else’s was excellent - highlights included lamb cooked for seven hours, a game confit, and the lovely side dishes.其他人的好-重點包括羊肉煮了七個多小時,遊戲c onfit,和可愛的配菜。

Puddings were inventive, tasty and beautifully presented - my shortbread with nougat icecream and figs was really special.布丁被發明的,好吃的和漂亮的-我的脆餅與牛軋糖冰淇淋和無花果真的是特別。

Overall it’sa lovely place.整體它可愛的地方。 Personally, I slightly prefer the food at the我個人來說,我稍微喜歡的食物在 Eden伊甸園 , as it’sa little lighter, but La Cabane has the edge in terms of decor, it’s really very pretty inside - the warmth of the wood keeps the spacious interior cosy.作為有點較輕的,但香格里拉cabane有優勢而言,室內裝飾品,它的真的很漂亮裡面-溫暖的木材保存的寬敞內部空間舒適。 It’s quite a smart place, and perfect for a special occasion, or a romantic dinner.這是相當聰明的地方,並完善一個特別的日子,還是一個浪漫的晚餐。 -

Hike to Buvette des Mottets from Les Praz de Chamonix美元走強,比韋特萬mottets由Les praz德chamonix

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt September 2nd, 2007 2007年9月2日

This little buvette is in a gorgeous spot on the way up to Montenvers - in front of the buvette itself, there are tables shaded with parasols and behind is a little glade of silver birches around a pond where dragonflies zip to and fro over the profusion of flowers.這一點比韋特是在一個華麗的現貨就高達蒙坦威爾-在前面的比韋特內部,也有表綠蔭與傘後面是一個小g lade銀b irches靠近池塘的地方蜻蜓郵編和來來往往超過p rofusion的鮮花。

On a clear still day, it’sa super place to watch the paragliders fly over the Dru, whilst the Mer de Glace creaks and crackles below.一個明確的,仍然一天,它是超級的地方觀看paragliders飛越dru ,雖然經德glace creaks和裂紋下文。 The food’s very nice too.食物的很好過。 We shared a lovely croute - bread soaked in a creamy white wine sauce, with mushrooms (or ham), and then baked with cheese.我們共享一個可愛croute -麵包浸泡在奶油白葡萄酒,醬油,香菇(或火腿) ,然後烤乳酪。 The owners are very friendly and helpful too.業主是很友善的幫助。

You can get there a variety of ways, it’s signed from the Petit Balcon Nord.你可以有多種方式,它的簽署,從幼兒balcon Nord站。 The walk up from Les Praz is really worth doing, taking you through an astonishing variety of Alpine enviroments, from bare glacier-riven red iron rocks, where tiny flowers bloom in the cracks, to lush ferny, mossy forest.該走了由Les praz ,實在是值得做的,同時你通過了驚人的各種各樣的高山環境,從裸露的冰川-四分五裂鐵紅色的岩石,而微小的花朵盛開在夾縫中,綠意盎然的田園風光ferny ,苔蘚森林。 You can also get there via the train up to Montenvers and walk down.你也可以得到有途經的列車多達蒙坦威爾和往下走。

Usually open mid-June -September.通常會公開中旬六月至九月。 Tel +33(0)6 14 19 36 77電話: +33 ( 0 )六一四一九三六七七

Chalet Floria chalet floria

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt June 14th, 2007 2007年6月14日

chalet floria

You can see the beautiful flowered terrace of Chalet Floria high above Les Praz.你可以看到美麗的花陽台的chalet floria高高在上就業輔導組praz 。 If you’re feeling energetic, you can hike up there from the village - it’s well signposted and will take about an hour, winding up through the fragrant pine forests and wonderful scenery.如果您感到精力充沛,你可以不允許私自從一村-它的良好標誌,並會需時約一小時,結束了,通過香松林和美好的景色。

Otherwise, you can let the否則,你就可以讓 Flégère lift flégère升降機 whisk you up to the top, and have a more relaxing walk down to it.芋頭你到頂部,並有一個較為輕鬆的步行返回。

Once there you can take in the astounding views whilst having a drink or lunch in the riot of flowers - over 4000 plants cover the chalet and terrace, and butterflies flutter around as you eat.一旦有你可以在令人驚嘆的意見,雖然有酒後或午餐,在暴動中的花朵-超過4 000個植物涵蓋c halet和陽台,蝶撲靠近,因為你吃的了。 The menu isn’t extensive (not surprising, given the location!) but the food is very nice and reasonably priced.菜單是不廣泛(並不令人吃驚,因為這個位置! ) ,但食物是非常好的價格合理的。 The friendly owners both speak English (Madame speaks it perfectly) and have a fascinating book of photos to flip through, showing the chalet over the years.友好業主都講英語(夫人說,它完美地) ,並有一個有趣的書,照片翻轉通過,顯示了chalet多年來。
Opens from the end of April until the end of October.開放時間從4月下旬到10月底。
Lovely photo of the Chalet Floria’s terrace and view on Chamonix.com可愛照片的chalet floria的陽台和看法

Auberge La Bagna auberge香格里拉bagna

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt May 9th, 2007 2007年5月9日

(Summer only) (夏季)
There’s lovely food on the pretty terrace at La Bagna, with occasional barbecues for special occasions.還有可愛的食物對漂亮的陽台在La bagna ,偶而烤肉特殊場合。 If it’s chilly, eat inside, which is warmly decorated in rich reds.如果它的寒冷,吃的內部人士說,這是熱烈的裝飾豐富的利物浦。 There’s usually a particularly good choice for vegetarians and some deliciously fresh salads - perfect for when you’ve had enough cheese and potatoes and want something a bit lighter.還有的通常是一個特別好的選擇,對素食者和一些deliciously新鮮沙拉-完美的,因為當你受夠了奶酪和土豆和想要的東西有點打火機。 The terrace is a good place for families as there’s plenty of room beside it for kids to play.陽台是一個好去處,為家庭有充足的空間,它的旁邊為孩子們扮演的角色。
They also offer bed and breakfast accomodation.他們還提供床和早餐的住宿。
In winter, the same building becomes becomes在冬季,同時建設成為成為 Chalet Lounge chalet酒廊

Auberge La Bagna auberge香格里拉bagna

Hotel Eden酒店Eden

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

An excellent hotel, British and Swedish run.一個很好的酒店,英國和瑞典。 It’s very reasonably priced with bright, modern, unfussy interiors.這是非常合理的價格與光明的,現代的, unfussy內飾。 They now have apartments on offer as well, which I haven’t stayed in but look very nice.他們現在公寓提供作為好,這我也沒有住過,但看起來非常不錯。 In summer, the terrace bar is a good spot for a glass of wine.在夏天,陽台酒吧是一個很好的熱點一杯酒。

The restaurant is one of the best in Chamonix - fresh, modern food, beautifully presented, and the maître d’ is superb - he’s been there for decades and really knows his stuff. 該餐廳是最好的時期之一,在chamonix -新鮮,現代食品,琳瑯滿目,以及貝耶d '是高超的-他已經有幾十年,真正知道他的鬼話。 There’s usually a good choice for veggies too.還有的通常是一個很好的選擇,為蔬菜。
Hotel Eden酒店Eden

Le Sarpe樂沙爾佩

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

Le Sarpe is a brilliant restaurant - it’s moved on from just traditional Savoyarde cooking - which it still does very well.樂沙爾佩,是一部光輝的餐廳-它的提出只是從傳統s avoyarde烹飪-它仍然不很清楚。 Now, it serves fine adventurous French cooking in charming, atmospheric, traditional surroundings.現在,它被罰款喜歡冒險的法國烹飪在迷人的,大氣,傳統的環境。 It’s in Les Bois, just a pleasant ten minute walk through the woods from Les Praz.它的在Les木材日誌,只是一個愉快的十分鐘步行通過伍茲由Les praz 。

Le Sarpe 樂沙爾佩
30, Passage des Mottets 30 ,通道萬mottets
Les Bois就業輔導組木材日誌
74400 Chamonix Mont-Blanc 74400 chamonix蒙特塞拉特白
Tel : +33(0)450532931電話: +33 ( 0 ) 450532931

La Cremerie du Moulin香格里拉cremerie杜冰臼

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

This place is lots of fun - the friendly owners Sylvie & Didier do all the usual Savoyard specialities, but it’s the pizzas that steal the show.這個地方是充滿樂趣-友好業主蕭&迪迪埃做一切如常s avoyard特產,但它的比薩餅即搶鏡頭。 If there’sa big group of you, drop in or call to book in winter, as it’s tiny.如果有大集團的你,下降或打電話預訂在冬天,因為它的微小。 In summer the terrace extends the space and is a pleasant spot for a drink.夏季陽台延伸空間,是一個愉快的熱點喝酒。 Great for families, cheap and very cheerful, and they also do takeaway.偉大的家庭,便宜,而且很開朗,他們還做外賣。

Cremerie Du Moulin cremerie杜冰臼
2186 Route du Bois du Bouchet, Les Praz優2186幹線杜木材日誌杜bouchet ,就業輔導組praz
0450 537100 0450 53.71萬

Hotel Les Rhododendrons酒店Les杜鵑

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

A super location on the central green of Les Praz, next to the一個超級位置對中央綠色的就業輔導組praz ,明年向 Flegere lift flegere升降機 with a view of the church and Mont Blanc.以期對教會和勃朗峰。 The terrace is a lovely place to watch the sunset on Mont Blanc with a drink. 陽台是一個好去處,觀看日落對勃朗峰同飲。 The hotel is very traditionally French with some rather peculiar decor in some of the rooms, but it’s inexpensive and quiet.該酒店是很傳統的法國與一些比較奇特的裝飾在一些房間,但它的價格低廉且安靜。 The views are lovely, especially if you can get one with a balcony at the front.該意見是可愛的,特別是如果你能得到一個具有陽台上前線。

The restaurant , like the hotel, is very traditionally Savoyarde and is a good place for a fondue. 餐廳 ,像酒店,是非常傳統savoyarde ,是一個好地方,一個火鍋。 They also do an excellent trout meuniere.他們還做的一個很好的鱒meuniere 。 It’s especially nice on summer evenings when you can eat outside on the terrace lit with torches.它的好,尤其是對夏天的傍晚,當你可以吃外面就陽台點燃與電筒。 Ideal for families in summer, as there’sa play area for children, and plenty of room for them to run about on the green.最適合家庭,在夏天,因為有遊戲區,為兒童,以及充足的空間,為他們辦關於對新綠。

Paradis Des Praz天堂萬praz

Villa Details êt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

This is a great find for younger children and their parents - a lovely shady pool under the pines, with pony rides, rope swings, log bridges and forts.這是一個偉大的發現對於年幼的兒童和他們的家長-一個可愛的黑幕池下的松樹,與小馬遊戲機,繩索鞦韆,日誌橋樑及要塞。 There’sa little kiosk cafe - a buvette - with crepes etc, and barbecues in summer.有少亭咖啡館-一個比韋特- cr epes等,並烤肉在夏季。 In winter there’s snow tubing for the kids, and vin chaud for adults.冬天的雪地油管,為孩子,而且技術指標Vin chaud為成年人。 They can also arrange birthday parties.他們也可以安排生日派對。
Paradis Des Praz天堂萬praz