Chamonix Panorama from Flegere chamonix全景flegere

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Another of these gorgeous panoramas - this one, I think, is taken from near the top of the Floria lift at Flegere?另外,这些华丽的全景-这其中,我认为这是从靠近顶部的f loria电梯在f legere? It’s really worth clicking throgh to see the larger version.它的真正价值点击throgh查看放大版。

Chapelle des Praz de Chamonix Chapelle的万praz德chamonix

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Lovely light on this atmospheric shot of the church and the Aiguilles du Dru & Verte可爱的光就这大气开枪的教会和艾吉耶杜dru &椎

Sunset from the Flegere lift夕阳从flegere升降机

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The blazing colours of the Alpine sunsets are caused by the natural phenomena of Alpenglow.该创新色彩的阿尔卑斯山日落景色,是由于自然现象的朝霞。

Les Praz Church就业辅导组praz教堂

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Gorgeous panoramic picture of the church - perhaps taken in very early spring as there are no flowers out yet?华丽的全景图片的教堂-也许在很初春,有没有鲜花尚未出台?

Panorama from the Flegere lift全景从flegere升降机

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Gorgeous panoramic shot from华丽的全景拍摄,由 Flegere flegere - it’s really worth looking at -这实在值得探讨 the larger version规模较大的版本 , or, if you have a really big screen, the或者,如果你有一个真正的大屏幕上, original size原始大小 .
On the left are对左 les Drus就业辅导组drus - looking completely different from this angle. -期待完全不同的从这个角度来看。 The Mer de Glace glacier is in the valley, and then come the Aiguilles de Chamonix, the Aiguille du Midi and then Mont Blanc - appearing smaller than it really is from here.该汇率德glace冰川是在山谷中,然后来艾吉耶德chamonix ,钻头杜MIDI和当时勃朗峰-出现小于它真的是来自这里。 The base of the Index lift is on the right该基地的指数电梯方向是正确的