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La Forêt 香格里拉forêt January 7th, 2008 2008年1月7日

Although not strictly in Les Praz, I’ve included this as it’s well worth a mention.雖然沒有嚴格在Les praz ,我已經包括了這個,因為它是非常值得一提。 It’s about ten minutes walk away in the village of Les Tines, and has a lovely garden with a swimming pool, which you can use if you go for lunch.它的約10分鐘步行距離在村里的就業輔導組tines ,並有一個可愛的花園與游泳池,你可以用,如果你去吃飯了。 It would be a particularly good place to stay in summer as it’s in a very pretty situation and the garden terrace with the pool looks really gorgeous.這將是一個特別好的住宿地點,在夏季,因為它是在一個非常漂亮的情況,並在花園露台與泳池看起來真漂亮。

Over the last few years, it seems to have made huge improvements in the food.在過去幾年中,它似乎已經取得了巨大的改善,在食品。 The menu sounds delicious, and I have heard very good reports from friends that have eaten there.菜單聽起來好吃,我已經聽到非常好的報告,由朋友說,有吃有。 I’ll try it this summer and report back , purely in the interests of research, you understand!我將嘗試,它今年夏天報到,在純粹的利益研究,你是否明白!

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Auberge La Bagna auberge香格里拉bagna

La Forêt 香格里拉forêt May 9th, 2007 2007年5月9日

(Summer only) (夏季)
There’s lovely food on the pretty terrace at La Bagna, with occasional barbecues for special occasions.還有可愛的食物對漂亮的陽台在La bagna ,偶而烤肉特殊場合。 If it’s chilly, eat inside, which is warmly decorated in rich reds.如果它的寒冷,吃的內部人士說,這是熱烈的裝飾豐富的利物浦。 There’s usually a particularly good choice for vegetarians and some deliciously fresh salads - perfect for when you’ve had enough cheese and potatoes and want something a bit lighter.還有的通常是一個特別好的選擇,對素食者和一些deliciously新鮮沙拉-完美的,因為當你受夠了奶酪和土豆和想要的東西有點打火機。 The terrace is a good place for families as there’s plenty of room beside it for kids to play.陽台是一個好去處,為家庭有充足的空間,它的旁邊為孩子們扮演的角色。
They also offer bed and breakfast accomodation.他們還提供床和早餐的住宿。
In winter, the same building becomes becomes在冬季,同時建設成為成為 Chalet Lounge chalet酒廊

Auberge La Bagna auberge香格里拉bagna

Hotel Eden酒店Eden

La Forêt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

An excellent hotel, British and Swedish run.一個很好的酒店,英國和瑞典。 It’s very reasonably priced with bright, modern, unfussy interiors.這是非常合理的價格與光明的,現代的, unfussy內飾。 They now have apartments on offer as well, which I haven’t stayed in but look very nice.他們現在公寓提供作為好,這我也沒有住過,但看起來非常不錯。 In summer, the terrace bar is a good spot for a glass of wine.在夏天,陽台酒吧是一個很好的熱點一杯酒。

The restaurant is one of the best in Chamonix - fresh, modern food, beautifully presented, and the maître d’ is superb - he’s been there for decades and really knows his stuff. 該餐廳是最好的時期之一,在chamonix -新鮮,現代食品,琳瑯滿目,以及貝耶d '是高超的-他已經有幾十年,真正知道他的鬼話。 There’s usually a good choice for veggies too.還有的通常是一個很好的選擇,為蔬菜。
Hotel Eden酒店Eden

Hotel Les Rhododendrons酒店Les杜鵑

La Forêt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

A super location on the central green of Les Praz, next to the一個超級位置對中央綠色的就業輔導組praz ,明年向 Flegere lift flegere升降機 with a view of the church and Mont Blanc.以期對教會和勃朗峰。 The terrace is a lovely place to watch the sunset on Mont Blanc with a drink. 陽台是一個好去處,觀看日落對勃朗峰同飲。 The hotel is very traditionally French with some rather peculiar decor in some of the rooms, but it’s inexpensive and quiet.該酒店是很傳統的法國與一些比較奇特的裝飾在一些房間,但它的價格低廉且安靜。 The views are lovely, especially if you can get one with a balcony at the front.該意見是可愛的,特別是如果你能得到一個具有陽台上前線。

The restaurant , like the hotel, is very traditionally Savoyarde and is a good place for a fondue. 餐廳 ,像酒店,是非常傳統savoyarde ,是一個好地方,一個火鍋。 They also do an excellent trout meuniere.他們還做的一個很好的鱒meuniere 。 It’s especially nice on summer evenings when you can eat outside on the terrace lit with torches.它的好,尤其是對夏天的傍晚,當你可以吃外面就陽台點燃與電筒。 Ideal for families in summer, as there’sa play area for children, and plenty of room for them to run about on the green.最適合家庭,在夏天,因為有遊戲區,為兒童,以及充足的空間,為他們辦關於對新綠。