Pierre d’Orthaz皮埃尔-o rthaz

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The massive rock known as la Pierre d’Orthaz was left behind by retreating glaciers.大量岩石被称为香格里拉皮埃尔-o rthaz留下退缩冰川。 It’sa historical bouldering rock, and opposite it was the infamous Snell’s field campsite where the world’s greatest climbers used to camp out.这是历史抱石岩石,并相反,它是臭名昭著的snell的外地露营的地方世界上最伟大的登山者用来阵营。 Now very polished but still a beautiful and atmospheric sight…现在很抛光,但仍然是一个美丽和大气视线…
Some tales :一些故事:

Hike to Buvette des Mottets from Les Praz de Chamonix美元走强,比韦特万mottets由Les praz德chamonix

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This little buvette is in a gorgeous spot on the way up to Montenvers - in front of the buvette itself, there are tables shaded with parasols and behind is a little glade of silver birches around a pond where dragonflies zip to and fro over the profusion of flowers.这一点比韦特是在一个华丽的现货就高达蒙坦威尔-在前面的比韦特内部,也有表绿荫与伞后面是一个小g lade银b irches靠近池塘的地方蜻蜓邮编和来来往往超过p rofusion的鲜花。

On a clear still day, it’sa super place to watch the paragliders fly over the Dru, whilst the Mer de Glace creaks and crackles below.一个明确的,仍然一天,它是超级的地方观看paragliders飞越dru ,虽然经德glace creaks和裂纹下文。 The food’s very nice too.食物的很好过。 We shared a lovely croute - bread soaked in a creamy white wine sauce, with ham or mushrooms, and then baked with cheese.我们共享一个可爱croute -面包浸泡在奶油白葡萄酒,酱油,火腿或香菇,然后再烤乳酪。 The owners are very friendly and helpful too.业主是很友善的帮助。

You can get there a variety of ways, it’s signed from the Petit Balcon Nord.你可以有多种方式,它的签署,从幼儿balcon Nord站。 The walk up from Les Praz is really worth doing, taking you through an astonishing variety of Alpine enviroments, from bare glacier-riven red iron rocks, where tiny flowers bloom in the cracks, to lush ferny, mossy forest.该走了由Les praz ,实在是值得做的,同时你通过了惊人的各种各样的高山环境,从裸露的冰川-四分五裂铁红色的岩石,而微小的花朵盛开在夹缝中,绿意盎然的田园风光ferny ,苔藓森林。 You can also get there via the train up to Montenvers and walk down.你也可以得到有途经的列车多达蒙坦威尔和往下走。

Usually open July-September.通常开放7月至9月。 Tel +33(0)6 14 19 36 77电话: +33 ( 0 )六一四一九三六七七

Chalet Floria chalet floria

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chalet floria

You can see the beautiful flowered terrace of Chalet Floria high above Les Praz.你可以看到美丽的花阳台的chalet floria高高在上就业辅导组praz 。 If you’re feeling energetic, you can hike up there from the village - it’s well signposted and will take about an hour, winding up through the fragrant pine forests and wonderful scenery.如果您感到精力充沛,你可以不允许私自从一村-它的良好标志,并会需时约一小时,结束了,通过香松林和美好的景色。

Otherwise, you can let the否则,你就可以让 Flégère lift flégère升降机 whisk you up to the top, and have a more relaxing walk down to it.芋头你到顶部,并有一个较为轻松的步行返回。

Once there you can take in the astounding views whilst having a drink or lunch in the riot of flowers - over 4000 plants cover the chalet and terrace, and butterflies flutter around as you eat.一旦有你可以在令人惊叹的意见,虽然有酒后或午餐,在暴动中的花朵-超过4 000个植物涵盖c halet和阳台,蝶扑靠近,因为你吃的了。 The menu isn’t extensive (not surprising, given the location!) but the food is very nice and reasonably priced.菜单是不广泛(并不令人吃惊,因为这个位置! ) ,但食物是非常好的价格合理的。 The friendly owners both speak English (Madame speaks it perfectly) and have a fascinating book of photos to flip through, showing the chalet over the years.友好业主都讲英语(夫人说,它完美地) ,并有一个有趣的书,照片翻转通过,显示了chalet多年来。
Opens from April until the end of October.开放时间从4月到10月底。
Lovely photo of the Chalet Floria’s terrace and view on Chamonix.com可爱照片的chalet floria的阳台和看法

Golf de Chamonix高尔夫德chamonix

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A beautifully scenic and well maintained 18 hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior, with a charming log clubhouse and excellent restaurant.美丽的风景和保养良好, 18洞球场的设计是由罗伯特遄琼斯高级,以迷人的日志会所和优良餐厅。
Golf de Chamonix高尔夫德chamonix

The Dru该dru

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The spectacular spike of the Aiguille du Dru , or Aiguilles des Drus, dominates the sky above Les Praz.壮观穗的钻头杜dru ,或艾吉耶万drus ,主宰上空就业辅导组praz 。 Its 38 pitches are legendary amongst climbers and many routes are etched deep into mountaineering history. 38个球场是具有传奇色彩的登山,其中有很多路线蚀刻深入到登山历史。
Mountaineering information and some lovely photos of the Dru登山资料和一些精美照片的dru
Many of the hikes around the area give wonderful views of the mountain, and one of the loveliest is from the Montenvers railway, making it accessible to anyone.很多的上涨周围地区,让美妙的意见山上,一对可爱的,是来自蒙坦威尔铁路,使进出的人。

Flegere Lift flegere升降机

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The Téléphérique La Flégère takes you from the 1030 m altitude of the village to the 1900 m midstation.该téléphérique香格里拉flégère带你从1030米海拔村庄到1900米midstation 。 In winter it accesses the Flégère ski area, with sunny, south-facing slopes and a wide variety of pistes for all levels, with wonderful views of the Mer De Glace glacier.在冬季,这将上网flégère滑雪区,有阳光的天气,东南部面临斜坡和各种各样的雪道,为各个层次,可欣赏的汇率德glace冰川。
Flegere also has excellent off-piste skiing and snowboarding, and it’s well worth getting a guide for the day to experience it at its best. flegere还具有优良的越野piste滑雪和滑雪板,它的价值以及得到指导,为一天的经验,它处于最佳状态。
Real Time lift opening information from chamonix.com实时升降机开放资料

In summer, the lift takes you to the start of beautiful mountain walks like the在夏季,电梯带您到开始美丽的山区各行各业一样 Lac Blanc紫胶白 and challenging mountain bike trails.和具有挑战性的山地自行车步道。


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Hiking at Montenvers 远足在蒙坦威尔

Hiking in the cool air and astounding scenery of Chamonix is wonderful, and some of the finest walks of the Alps are accessed from Les Praz.远足,在清凉的空气和令人惊叹的风景chamonix实在是太好了,而一些优秀的各行各业的阿尔卑斯山是进入由Les praz 。 You can walk up through the cool pine and larch forests, as the scenery shifts and changes through the trees, or the你可以步行通过冷静的松树和落叶松森林,景色变化和变化,通过树木,或 Flegere lift flegere升降机 can take you up to the beginning of the paths.能带你到开始的路径。

The weather can change very quickly in the mountains, and you should always make sure you are properly equipped with water, good boots, waterproofs and sun protection.天气变化非常快,在山上了,你要始终确保你得到妥善配备了水,好靴子, waterproofs和防晒作用。 Always check the务必检查 weather forecast天气预报 before setting off.在出发前。

I’ve posted some of the hikes that we’ve enjoyed here, but these aren’t intended as any substitute for a proper guidebook - just for inspiration!我已为一些对加息说,我们已经获得了在这里,但这些都不是打算作为任何代替一个适当的教程-只为灵感! Most of the walks in the area are very well signposted, but you should always carry a map.大部分的各界人士在该地区得到很好的标志,但你应该总是随身携带地图。

Lac Blanc Hike紫胶白加息

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Lac Blanc 紫胶白 , originally uploaded by 原本上传 maisharefu maisharefu .

The hike加息 to Lac Blanc is probably one of Chamonix’s best known.以紫胶白可能是chamonix最有名的。 Follow classic high alpine trail - there are no trees at this altitude - to a perfect view.后续经典高高山步道-没有任何树木,在此高度-以一个完美的看法。 The pale green lake reflects the mountains, and there’sa friendly refuge where you can have a simple but tasty lunch or even stay, which is open mid-June to around the end of September (reservation essential for sleeping +33(0) .该淡绿色湖反映出山区,有一个友好的避难所那里,你可以有一个简单但可口的午餐,甚至是留,这是公开的6月中旬左右,今年九月底(保留必需的卧铺+33 ( 0 ) 4.50 .53.49.14 ) 。 A little under 10km, it normally takes three or four hours from the top of the还有不到10公里,一般需要三,四个小时,从最高层的 Flegere lift flegere升降机 at Les Praz.在就业辅导组praz 。

Description of hike to Lac Blanc描述,美元走强,紫胶白

Parapente / Paragliding parapente /滑翔伞

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I keep meaning to try paragliding (the French is ‘parapente’).我不断的含义尝试滑翔伞(法语是' parapente ' ) 。 Chamonix Parapente chamonix parapente is a paragliding school, open all year round for tandem flights, personalised courses, hikes and trips,是一个滑翔伞学校,常年开放,为配合航班,个性化课程,加艘次, FFVL ffvl affiliated.关联。 They’re based in Les Praz, in the same building as Mandrillon Sports.他们根据在Les praz ,在同一栋大楼作为mandrillon体育活动。

Paradis Des Praz天堂万praz

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This is a great find for younger children and their parents - a lovely shady pool under the pines, with pony rides, rope swings, log bridges and forts.这是一个伟大的发现对于年幼的儿童和他们的家长-一个可爱的黑幕池下的松树,与小马游戏机,绳索秋千,日志桥梁及要塞。 There’sa little kiosk cafe - a buvette - with crepes etc, and barbecues in summer.有少亭咖啡馆-一个比韦特- cr epes等,并烤肉在夏季。 In winter there’s snow tubing for the kids, and vin chaud for adults.冬天的雪地油管,为孩子,而且技术指标Vin chaud为成年人。 They can also arrange birthday parties.他们也可以安排生日派对。
Paradis Des Praz天堂万praz

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