Chamonix Panorama from Flegere chamonix全景flegere

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Another of these gorgeous panoramas - this one, I think, is taken from near the top of the Floria lift at Flegere?另外,這些華麗的全景-這其中,我認為這是從靠近頂部的f loria電梯在f legere? It’s really worth clicking throgh to see the larger version.它的真正價值點擊throgh查看放大版。

Sunset from the Flegere lift夕陽從flegere升降機

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The blazing colours of the Alpine sunsets are caused by the natural phenomena of Alpenglow.該創新色彩的阿爾卑斯山日落景色,是由於自然現象的朝霞。

Panorama from the Flegere lift全景從flegere升降機

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Gorgeous panoramic shot from華麗的全景拍攝,由 Flegere flegere - it’s really worth looking at -這實在值得探討 the larger version規模較大的版本 , or, if you have a really big screen, the或者,如果你有一個真正的大屏幕上, original size原始大小 .
On the left are對左 les Drus就業輔導組drus - looking completely different from this angle. -期待完全不同的從這個角度來看。 The Mer de Glace glacier is in the valley, and then come the Aiguilles de Chamonix, the Aiguille du Midi and then Mont Blanc - appearing smaller than it really is from here.該匯率德glace冰川是在山谷中,然後來艾吉耶德chamonix ,鑽頭杜MIDI和當時勃朗峰-出現小於它真的是來自這裡。 The base of the Index lift is on the right該基地的指數電梯方向是正確的

The Dru該dru

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The spectacular spike of the Aiguille du Dru , or Aiguilles des Drus, dominates the sky above Les Praz.壯觀穗的鑽頭杜dru ,或艾吉耶萬drus ,主宰上空就業輔導組praz 。 Its 38 pitches are legendary amongst climbers and many routes are etched deep into mountaineering history. 38個球場是具有傳奇色彩的登山,其中有很多路線蝕刻深入到登山歷史。
Mountaineering information and some lovely photos of the Dru登山資料和一些精美照片的dru
Many of the hikes around the area give wonderful views of the mountain, and one of the loveliest is from the Montenvers railway, making it accessible to anyone.很多的上漲周圍地區,讓美妙的意見山上,一對可愛的,是來自蒙坦威爾鐵路,使進出的人。

Flegere Lift flegere升降機

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The Téléphérique La Flégère takes you from the 1030 m altitude of the village to the 1900 m midstation.該téléphérique香格里拉flégère帶你從1030米海拔村莊到1900米midstation 。 In winter it accesses the Flégère ski area, with sunny, south-facing slopes and a wide variety of pistes for all levels, with wonderful views of the Mer De Glace glacier.在冬季,這將上網flégère滑雪區,有陽光的天氣,東南部面臨斜坡和各種各樣的雪道,為各個層次,可欣賞的匯率德glace冰川。
Flegere also has excellent off-piste skiing and snowboarding, and it’s well worth getting a guide for the day to experience it at its best. flegere還具有優良的越野piste滑雪和滑雪板,它的價值以及得到指導,為一天的經驗,它處於最佳狀態。
Real Time lift opening information from chamonix.com實時升降機開放資料

In summer, the lift takes you to the start of beautiful mountain walks like the在夏季,電梯帶您到開始美麗的山區各行各業一樣 Lac Blanc紫膠白 and challenging mountain bike trails.和具有挑戰性的山地自行車步道。

Parapente / Paragliding parapente /滑翔傘

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I keep meaning to try paragliding (the French is ‘parapente’).我不斷的含義嘗試滑翔傘(法語是' parapente ' ) 。 Chamonix Parapente chamonix parapente is a paragliding school, open all year round for tandem flights, personalised courses, hikes and trips,是一個滑翔傘學校,常年開放,為配合航班,個性化課程,加艘次, FFVL ffvl affiliated.關聯。 They’re based in Les Praz, in the same building as Mandrillon Sports.他們根據在Les praz ,在同一棟大樓作為mandrillon體育活動。

Trains - The Mont-Blanc Express列車-蒙特塞拉特白表達

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Les Praz has its own train station on the route of the就業輔導組praz有自己的火車站該航線的 Mont-Blanc Express蒙特塞拉特白表達 and the trains are modern, new and comfortable with huge picture windows so you can admire the scenery.與火車很現代,新的和舒適的大幅照片,窗戶,讓您可以欣賞風景。 They have plenty of room for skis etc, and large areas for mountain bikes.認為自己有足夠的空間,雪橇等,並大面積為山地自行車。 It’s one of the nicest ways to get around the valley.它的其中一個一流的辦法,使周圍的山谷。

They go at rather irregular times so check the他們走一趟,而不是也不正常,所以檢查 Mont Blanc Express train timetable勃朗峰特快列車時間表 before you leave for the station, but are very reliable and almost always punctual.之前,你離開車站,但都非常可靠,而且幾乎總是準時。

The line goes from該線從 St. Gervais聖gervais in France via在法國經 Chamonix chamonix to Martigny馬蒂尼 in Switzerland and you could fill several days just exploring the villages along its beautiful route.在瑞士,就可以補好幾天剛剛探索村莊沿其美麗的航線。 It connects into the main networks of both France and Switzerland - there’sa fast train to Paris from St Gervais.它連接到主要網絡的法國和瑞士-有快速列車,從巴黎聖g ervais。 The Swiss site is much better if you want to explore the rail connections further -瑞士站點是好得多,如果你想要自己探索鐵路連接進一步- SBB深圳灣公路大橋
Travel between往返 Servoz塞爾沃茲 and Vallorcine vallorcine is free with the lift pass or Carte d’Hote (which you will normally be given on arrival).是免費的電梯通過單點或套餐(你通常會考慮在抵達) 。

If you don’t have either of these for any reason, or if you want to go further afield, you need to buy a ticket, which you can’t do at Les Praz as it’s not staffed - find the conductor and buy it on the train.如果你沒有上述兩種因任何理由,或者,如果您想要去的更遠,你需要買一張罰單,其中,你不能這樣做就業輔導組praz因為它的不配備-尋找擔任指揮和購買它在列車上。

Mont Blanc Express train timetable (PDF)勃朗峰特快列車時刻表( PDF格式)

Route of the Mont-Blanc Express: 路線的蒙特塞拉特白表達:
Complete route with details of lifts etc along the way, from the timetable above.完成幹線和細節升降機等,在前進的道路上,從時間表以上。
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Swiss side, with connections 瑞士方面,與連接
Very pretty map showing the Swiss side of the Mont Blanc Express (Les Praz isn’t marked on here for some reason) , and the St Bernard Express, from the很漂亮的地圖,顯示瑞士一側的勃朗峰(香港就業輔導組praz是沒有標明這裡出於某種原因) ,以及聖伯納德表示,從 rail company鐵路公司 .
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