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The buses are a good way to get around the valley, and plenty of them run to Les Praz.巴士,是一个很好的方式,这里的山谷,以及足够的他们来说,就业辅导组praz 。 If you have a lift pass, the bus (and如果你有一个升降机通过时,巴士( train火车 ) services are free -otherwise you have to pay 1.5 euros per trip (in theory - though in practice they rarely seem to ask) )的服务都是免费的-否则,你要付出1.5欧元每程(从理论上讲-尽管在实践中,他们也很少,似乎想问)
The schedule varies drastically with the time of year (and is strongly geared to the ski lifts times in winter) so check the timetable - there’s generally one posted at every stop.附表显着不同,与时代并进的一年(又有很强面向市民滑雪索道倍,在冬季) ,使检查的时间表-存在的一个普遍张贴在每一站。

There are two routes from Chamonix to Les Praz - one via Les Nants (the north-west side of the valley, buses pass through Les Praz village) and one via La Frasse (the south-east side, buses pass the MBC and the Arveyron hotel).有两条路线由Chamonix以就业辅导组praz -一经就业辅导组n ants(西北侧的山谷,巴士穿过就业辅导组p raz村) ,以及一个途经香格里拉f rasse(东南一侧,客车通过M BC和该a rveyron酒店) 。 Make sure you’re at the right stop for the service you are waiting for!请确认您在正确的一站服务,你正在等!

Chamonix bus route map: chamonix巴士路线图:

From Les Praz: 由LES praz :
All services stop at the所有服务站上 Flegere lift flegere升降机 .

From Chamonix: 由Chamonix :
If the service is via Les Nants , it departs from Place du Mont Blanc.如果服务是透过就业辅导组nants ,它背离的地方,杜勃朗峰。
If it’s via La Frasse , it departs from the Montenvers train station.如果它的途经香格里拉frasse ,它偏离蒙坦威尔火车站。
They take in both stops via a circuit of Chamonix before departing for Les Praz.他们采取在两站通过电路chamonix离开前,为本港就业辅导组praz 。

In winter, there’s also a night bus (Chamonuit) which runs at around midnight and costs 2 euros (not included in your lift pass)在冬季,也有夜间巴士( chamonuit ) ,其中运行速度约在午夜时分,成本2欧元(不包括在您的电梯及格)

Chamonix bus timetable (PDF) chamonix巴士时间表( PDF格式)

Trains - The Mont-Blanc Express列车-蒙特塞拉特白表达

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Les Praz has its own train station on the route of the就业辅导组praz有自己的火车站该航线的 Mont-Blanc Express蒙特塞拉特白表达 and the trains are modern, new and comfortable with huge picture windows so you can admire the scenery.与火车很现代,新的和舒适的大幅照片,窗户,让您可以欣赏风景。 They have plenty of room for skis etc, and large areas for mountain bikes.认为自己有足够的空间,雪橇等,并大面积为山地自行车。 It’s one of the nicest ways to get around the valley.它的其中一个一流的办法,使周围的山谷。

They go at rather irregular times so check the他们走一趟,而不是也不正常,所以检查 Mont Blanc Express train timetable勃朗峰特快列车时间表 before you leave for the station, but are very reliable and almost always punctual.之前,你离开车站,但都非常可靠,而且几乎总是准时。

The line goes from该线从 St. Gervais圣gervais in France via在法国经 Chamonix chamonix to Martigny马蒂尼 in Switzerland and you could fill several days just exploring the villages along its beautiful route.在瑞士,就可以补好几天刚刚探索村庄沿其美丽的航线。 It connects into the main networks of both France and Switzerland - there’sa fast train to Paris from St Gervais.它连接到主要网络的法国和瑞士-有快速列车,从巴黎圣g ervais。 The Swiss site is much better if you want to explore the rail connections further -瑞士站点是好得多,如果你想要自己探索铁路连接进一步- SBB深圳湾公路大桥
Travel between往返 Servoz塞尔沃兹 and Vallorcine vallorcine is free with the lift pass or Carte d’Hote (which you will normally be given on arrival).是免费的电梯通过单点或套餐(你通常会考虑在抵达) 。

If you don’t have either of these for any reason, or if you want to go further afield, you need to buy a ticket, which you can’t do at Les Praz as it’s not staffed - find the conductor and buy it on the train.如果你没有上述两种因任何理由,或者,如果您想要去的更远,你需要买一张罚单,其中,你不能这样做就业辅导组praz因为它的不配备-寻找担任指挥和购买它在列车上。

Mont Blanc Express train timetable (PDF)勃朗峰特快列车时刻表( PDF格式)

Route of the Mont-Blanc Express: 路线的蒙特塞拉特白表达:
Complete route with details of lifts etc along the way, from the timetable above.完成干线和细节升降机等,在前进的道路上,从时间表以上。
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Swiss side, with connections 瑞士方面,与连接
Very pretty map showing the Swiss side of the Mont Blanc Express (Les Praz isn’t marked on here for some reason) , and the St Bernard Express, from the很漂亮的地图,显示瑞士一侧的勃朗峰(香港就业辅导组praz是没有标明这里出于某种原因) ,以及圣伯纳德表示,从 rail company铁路公司 .
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