Hike to Buvette des Mottets from Les Praz de Chamonix美元走強,比韋特萬mottets由Les praz德chamonix

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This little buvette is in a gorgeous spot on the way up to Montenvers - in front of the buvette itself, there are tables shaded with parasols and behind is a little glade of silver birches around a pond where dragonflies zip to and fro over the profusion of flowers.這一點比韋特是在一個華麗的現貨就高達蒙坦威爾-在前面的比韋特內部,也有表綠蔭與傘後面是一個小g lade銀b irches靠近池塘的地方蜻蜓郵編和來來往往超過p rofusion的鮮花。

On a clear still day, it’sa super place to watch the paragliders fly over the Dru, whilst the Mer de Glace creaks and crackles below.一個明確的,仍然一天,它是超級的地方觀看paragliders飛越dru ,雖然經德glace creaks和裂紋下文。 The food’s very nice too.食物的很好過。 We shared a lovely croute - bread soaked in a creamy white wine sauce, with mushrooms (or ham), and then baked with cheese.我們共享一個可愛croute -麵包浸泡在奶油白葡萄酒,醬油,香菇(或火腿) ,然後烤乳酪。 The owners are very friendly and helpful too.業主是很友善的幫助。

You can get there a variety of ways, it’s signed from the Petit Balcon Nord.你可以有多種方式,它的簽署,從幼兒balcon Nord站。 The walk up from Les Praz is really worth doing, taking you through an astonishing variety of Alpine enviroments, from bare glacier-riven red iron rocks, where tiny flowers bloom in the cracks, to lush ferny, mossy forest.該走了由Les praz ,實在是值得做的,同時你通過了驚人的各種各樣的高山環境,從裸露的冰川-四分五裂鐵紅色的岩石,而微小的花朵盛開在夾縫中,綠意盎然的田園風光ferny ,苔蘚森林。 You can also get there via the train up to Montenvers and walk down.你也可以得到有途經的列車多達蒙坦威爾和往下走。

Usually open mid-June -September.通常會公開中旬六月至九月。 Tel +33(0)6 14 19 36 77電話: +33 ( 0 )六一四一九三六七七

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