Hotel Eden酒店Eden

La Forêt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

An excellent hotel, British and Swedish run.一個很好的酒店,英國和瑞典。 It’s very reasonably priced with bright, modern, unfussy interiors.這是非常合理的價格與光明的,現代的, unfussy內飾。 They now have apartments on offer as well, which I haven’t stayed in but look very nice.他們現在公寓提供作為好,這我也沒有住過,但看起來非常不錯。 In summer, the terrace bar is a good spot for a glass of wine.在夏天,陽台酒吧是一個很好的熱點一杯酒。

The restaurant is one of the best in Chamonix - fresh, modern food, beautifully presented, and the maître d’ is superb - he’s been there for decades and really knows his stuff. 該餐廳是最好的時期之一,在chamonix -新鮮,現代食品,琳瑯滿目,以及貝耶d '是高超的-他已經有幾十年,真正知道他的鬼話。 There’s usually a good choice for veggies too.還有的通常是一個很好的選擇,為蔬菜。
Hotel Eden酒店Eden


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