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La Forêt 香格里拉forêt January 7th, 2008 2008年1月7日

Although not strictly in Les Praz, I’ve included this as it’s well worth a mention.虽然不是严格在Les praz ,我已经包括这个,因为它的非常值得一提。 It’s about ten minutes walk away in the village of Les Tines, and has a lovely garden with a swimming pool, which you can use if you go for lunch.它的约10分钟步行距离在村就业辅导组tines ,并有一个可爱的花园与游泳池,您可以使用如果你到吃午饭。 It would be a particularly good place to stay in summer as it’s in a very pretty situation and the garden terrace with the pool looks really gorgeous.这将是一个特别的好地方,留在夏季,因为它的在一个很漂亮的形势和阳台花园与游泳池看起来真的漂亮。

Over the last few years, it seems to have made huge improvements in the food.在过去几年中,它似乎已经取得了巨大的改善,在食品中。 The menu sounds delicious, and I have heard very good reports from friends that have eaten there.菜单听起来好吃,和我所听到的非常好的报告,从朋友说,吃了有。 I’ll try it this summer and report back , purely in the interests of research, you understand!我会尝试,它在今年夏天报到,纯粹是在利益的研究,你是否明白!

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