La Cabane des Praz (the Golf Club restaurant)香格里拉cabane萬praz (高爾夫俱樂部餐廳)

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(Photographs © La Cabane 2006-7) (照片©香格里拉cabane 2006-2007年)

This restaurant is part of the這家餐廳是部分的 Golf Club高爾夫俱樂部 - there’sa collection of buildings around it including the Hotel Labrador. -有收集的建築物周圍,包括酒店拉布拉多。 A few years ago it burned down, and has now been rebuilt in a very atttactive ‘log cabin’ style - Finlandais as it’s called here.幾年前,它被燒毀,現在已經被改建處於一個非常atttactive '小木屋'風格-f inlandais,因為它的所謂這裡。 I’ve heard good recommendations of the food, so we went to try it out.我聽說過好建議的食物,因此我們去嘗試它。

It’sa lovely building, and even in this low season time, they’d made an effort to decorate it seasonally with autumn leaves and pumpkins - including some enormous pumpkins piled around the outside.這是可愛的建設,即使在這樣的淡季的時候,他們'd作出了努力,以裝飾,它與季節性紅葉和南瓜-包括一些巨大的南瓜,周圍堆放外面。 The interior is very pretty - spacious and warm, and nicely divided up with booths and other seating areas.內部是很漂亮-寬敞溫暖,很好地劃分了攤位及其他座位區。 Decor is modern, upmarket Alpine, and I quite liked the animatronic polar bear which gives a nice hint of frivolity.裝飾是現代的,高檔的高山,而且我很喜歡animatronic北極熊,其中給出了很好的暗示frivolity 。 It’s mercifully free of golfing memorabilia.它的幸運免費高爾夫球紀念品。

We were brought a lovely amuse-bouche of pumpkin soup while looking over the menu, which is in both French and English.我們被帶到一個可愛逗-小食的南瓜湯,而縱觀菜單,這是在這兩個法語和英語。 Some very nice seasonal choices on it (which are helpfully marked out clearly) included a very wide selection of local game.一些非常好的季節選擇上,它(這是有用的標記,清楚列明) ,包括非常廣泛的選擇當地的遊戲。

The standout starter was a beautifully presented small pumpkin filled with truffled pumpkin soup and containing seared scallops, held steady on a mashed potato base and surrounded by rocket.該standout起動器是一個漂亮的小南瓜充滿truffled南瓜湯和遏制seared扇貝,持穩於搗碎的馬鈴薯基地,並被火箭。 This was one of the nicest things I’ve eaten in Chamonix - truly delicious.這是一個最美好的東西,我已經吃了,在chamonix -真正的美味。

My main course was, unfortunately, the wrong dish - some salmon that was a bit uneventful.我的主要過程是,不幸的是,錯誤的菜-一些鮭魚,這是一個有點平淡。 Everyone else’s was excellent - highlights included lamb cooked for seven hours, a game confit, and the lovely side dishes.其他人的好-重點包括羊肉煮了七個多小時,遊戲c onfit,和可愛的配菜。

Puddings were inventive, tasty and beautifully presented - my shortbread with nougat icecream and figs was really special.布丁被發明的,好吃的和漂亮的-我的脆餅與牛軋糖冰淇淋和無花果真的是特別。

Overall it’sa lovely place.整體它可愛的地方。 Personally, I slightly prefer the food at the我個人來說,我稍微喜歡的食物在 Eden伊甸園 , as it’sa little lighter, but La Cabane has the edge in terms of decor, it’s really very pretty inside - the warmth of the wood keeps the spacious interior cosy.作為有點較輕的,但香格里拉cabane有優勢而言,室內裝飾品,它的真的很漂亮裡面-溫暖的木材保存的寬敞內部空間舒適。 It’s quite a smart place, and perfect for a special occasion, or a romantic dinner.這是相當聰明的地方,並完善一個特別的日子,還是一個浪漫的晚餐。 -


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