Flégère Lift Flégère電梯

La Forêt 拉弗雷特 April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

The Téléphérique La Flégère takes you from the 1030 m altitude of the village to the 1900 m midstation.該 Téléphérique拉Flégère把你從一千零三十○米海拔村莊到一千九百米midstation。 In winter it accesses the Flégère ski area, with sunny, south-facing slopes and a wide variety of pistes for all levels, with wonderful views of the Mer De Glace glacier.在它訪問 Flégère冬季滑雪場,有陽光,朝南的山坡,以及各種各樣的雪道為各級與美景的Mer的德格拉斯冰川。
Flegere also has excellent off-piste skiing and snowboarding, and it's well worth getting a guide for the day to experience it at its best. Flegere還具有良好的越野滑雪滑雪和滑雪板,它的價值得到很好的指南這一天來體驗它的最佳。
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In summer, the lift takes you to the start of beautiful mountain walks like the在夏季,電梯把你帶到了美麗的山區開始喜歡散步 Lac Blanc紫膠勃朗峰 and challenging mountain bike trails.和富有挑戰性的山地自行車徑。


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