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Hiking at Montenvers 远足在蒙坦威尔

Hiking in the cool air and astounding scenery of Chamonix is wonderful, and some of the finest walks of the Alps are accessed from Les Praz.远足,在凉爽的空气和令人惊叹的风景沙木尼是美好的,和一些最优秀的各界人士阿尔卑斯山的访问由Les praz 。 You can walk up through the cool pine and larch forests, as the scenery shifts and changes through the trees, or the您可以步行通过冷静的松树和落叶松森林,作为风景的转变和变化,通过树木,或 Flegere lift flegere升降机 can take you up to the beginning of the paths.可以带你到开始的路径。

The weather can change very quickly in the mountains, and you should always make sure you are properly equipped with water, good boots, waterproofs and sun protection.天气可以改变非常迅速在山区,和你应该务必让您得到妥善配备了水,良好的靴子, waterproofs和Sun的保障。 Always check the始终检查 weather forecast天气预报 before setting off.前设置。

I’ve posted some of the hikes that we’ve enjoyed here, but these aren’t intended as any substitute for a proper guidebook - just for inspiration!我已经张贴部分的加息,我们已经获得了在这里,但这些都不是打算作为任何以一个适当的指南-只为灵感! Most of the walks in the area are very well signposted, but you should always carry a map.大部分的各界人士在该地区是很好的标志,但你应该总是随身携带地图。

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