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Lac Blanc 紫胶白 , originally uploaded by 原本上传 maisharefu maisharefu .

The hike加息 to Lac Blanc is probably one of Chamonix’s best known.以紫胶白可能是chamonix最有名的。 Follow classic high alpine trail - there are no trees at this altitude - to a perfect view.后续经典高高山步道-没有任何树木,在此高度-以一个完美的看法。 The pale green lake reflects the mountains, and there’sa friendly refuge where you can have a simple but tasty lunch or even stay, which is open mid-June to around the end of September (reservation essential for sleeping +33(0) .该淡绿色湖反映出山区,有一个友好的避难所那里,你可以有一个简单但可口的午餐,甚至是留,这是公开的6月中旬左右,今年九月底(保留必需的卧铺+33 ( 0 ) 4.50 .53.49.14 ) 。 A little under 10km, it normally takes three or four hours from the top of the还有不到10公里,一般需要三,四个小时,从最高层的 Flegere lift flegere升降机 at Les Praz.在就业辅导组praz 。

Description of hike to Lac Blanc描述,美元走强,紫胶白

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