The Dru该dru

La Forêt 香格里拉forêt April 14th, 2007 2007年4月14日

The spectacular spike of the Aiguille du Dru , or Aiguilles des Drus, dominates the sky above Les Praz.壮观穗的钻头杜dru ,或艾吉耶万drus ,主宰上空就业辅导组praz 。 Its 38 pitches are legendary amongst climbers and many routes are etched deep into mountaineering history. 38个球场是具有传奇色彩的登山,其中有很多路线蚀刻深入到登山历史。
Mountaineering information and some lovely photos of the Dru登山资料和一些精美照片的dru
Many of the hikes around the area give wonderful views of the mountain, and one of the loveliest is from the Montenvers railway, making it accessible to anyone.很多的上涨周围地区,让美妙的意见山上,一对可爱的,是来自蒙坦威尔铁路,使进出的人。

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