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One of the reasons that Les Praz is so popular is that it’s one of the sunniest parts of Chamonix to stay.原因之一,就业辅导组praz如此受欢迎,是它的一个最灿烂的部分chamonix留下来。 The Chamonix valley widens as it runs North-East towards the Swiss border, and Les Praz is in the flat valley bottom.该chamonix河谷扩大,因为它违背了北东向瑞士边境,和Les praz是在单位陷入低谷。 Even when the days are short, there’s always some sunshine here.甚至当天都很短,但仍然存在着一些阳光这里。 For more details about the best time to visit, see our为更详细了解的最佳时机访问中,看到我们的 When to Go何时去 page for photos of the valley in all four seasons.网页上的照片,山谷中的所有4个赛季。

Being so close to Mont Blanc, the weather, as with any mountain region, can vary wildly.正因如此接近勃朗峰,天气,正如任何山地地区,可以有很大的不同,妄称。 Once you are here, the local weather forecast is very good.一旦你在这里,当地的天气预测,是非常好的。

Chamonix weather chamonix天气 .

The most usual weather pattern is fine, bright mornings that cloud over in the afternoon.最通常的天气模式是好的,光明早上说,云在下午举行。 Temperature inversions are frequent, so you’ll often find it warmer on the heights than in the valley.温度反演频繁,所以,你经常觉得暖和就更上一层楼,比在山谷。 These can also bring mists, so it’s worth checking the webcams on foggy mornings - you may find it’sa fine day on the mountain!这些也能带来迷雾,因此,值得一提的检查网路上有雾的早晨-你可能会觉得这一天对山区!

Another local weather phenomenon is the另外当地天气现象是 föhn (or foehn) wind föhn (或foehn )风力 - a warm breeze that blows from the mountain. -热烈乘凉的冲击,从山头。

Webcams: 网络摄像机:
Current webcam image of Chamonix from the top of Brevent, provided by kind permission of目前网路摄影机的形象chamonix ,从最高层的布雷旺,提供的实物许可 Chamonet chamonet :


Chamonet also have a chamonet也有 page of webcams,页的网路摄影机, so you can check conditions all over Chamonix.所以你可以退房的条件都chamonix 。

Current weather in Chamonix from Snow-Forecast: 最新的天气情况,在chamonix从雪域预测:

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